template <class FormatString, class T1, ..., class Tn>
int printf(T1 a1, ..., Tn an);


Wrapper of the printf function of the C library. It takes the format string as a compile-time string, which is an boost::metaparse::string. It type-checks the arguments based on the format string. When type-checking fails, this function emits a compilation error. When type-checking succeeds, this function calls the printf function of the C library. This thin wrapper is likely to be inlined in which case it has no runtime overhead compared to using printf without type-checking.

#include <mpllibs/safe_printf/printf.hpp>

Expression semantics

For any s boost::metaparse::string and a1 ... an runtime objects:

mpllibs::safe_printf::printf<s>(a1, ..., an)

When the number and types of a1 ... an are correct according to s, the format string, it is equivalent to

std::printf(boost::mpl::c_str<s>::type::value, a1, ..., an)

otherwise it is a compilation error.


mpllibs::safe_printf::printf<BOOST_METAPARSE_STRING("%d %d\n")>(11, 13);